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Collagen and Peptide

Fish Collagen Peptide Powder&granule

Fish Collagen Peptide Powder&granule

1.Protein content: about 98%, widely used in food, health care, medicine, cosmetics industry.
2.Fish collagen peptide Powder&granule is a fresh fish scales and skin as raw material.
4.Widely used in food industry.
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Product Name: Fish collagen peptide Powder&granule

Organizational form:Uniform powder, soft, no caking

Appearance:White or light yellow powder

Taste and smell:With this product unique taste and smell, no smell

Raw material:Fish gelatin

Fish Collagen Peptide Powder




Fish Collagen Peptide Powder



Physical and chemical index

Fish Collagen Peptide Powder




Items Per100g NRV%
Energy 1632KJ 20
Protein 95g 157
Fat 0g  0
Carbohydrate 0g  0
Sodium 40mg 2




1.  Fish collagen peptide powder can improving skin elasticity and firmness .
2.  Rejuvenating the skin.
3.  Guarding against the formation of wrinkles.
4.  Promoting a healthy level of skin moisture.
5.  Fish collagen peptide powder can makes your skin look and feel supple and smooth.
6.  Helps in the skin's cell turnover process.
7.  Functions as an antioxidant for UV generated free radicals.
8.  Facilitates a resilient skin matrix (the dermis).
9.  Creates more glowing skin &  Fewer age spots.

10. Fish collagen peptide powder have the function of increased bone strength.




1. Application in the field of food

2. Apply to the cosmetics industry

3. Application in the pharmaceutical industry

4. Fish collagen peptide powder can apply to food








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1.Bulk Package: 10kg Carton, 5kg/aluminum Foil Bag inside.

2.Lead time:7-10days after your order

3.Shelf time:24months and this ingrenditens will arrive with 80% of shelf life remaining.

4.Storage: Stored in a cool, dry and dark place. Once opened it,stored at 4 ℃ or less cold sealing preservation.



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