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Oligopeptides of Marine Fish

Oligopeptides of Marine Fish

1.Oligopeptides of marine fish is a new kind of nutritive and healthy food ingredient.
2.It is made from the skin and bone of deep-sea fish without pollution or relatively less pollution.
3.Cosmetics and food with Marine ichthyotropin as raw material and additive have been welcomed by people.
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Product Name:  Oligopeptides of marine fish

Organizational form:Uniform powder, soft, no caking

Appearance:white or light yellow powder

Taste and smell:With this product unique taste and smell, no smell



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 Physical and chemical index

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Oligopeptides of Marine Fish



1. Oligopeptides of Marine Fish can keep skin young .

2. Keep calcium tightly bound to bone cells without loss or degeneration .

3. Keep the cornea moist and transparent, and increase the transparency of the eyes .

4. Oligopeptides of Marine Fish can promote the close connection of muscle cells and make them elastic and shiny .

5. Regulate endocrine, protect and strengthen internal organs.

6. Combine immunoglobulins to increase immunity .



1. Used in food and health care products.

2. Used in cosmetics.




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Our Factory

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1.Bulk Package: 10kg Carton, 5kg/aluminum Foil Bag inside.

2.Lead time:7-10days after your order.

3.Shelf time:24months and this ingrenditens will arrive with 80% of shelf life remaining.

4.Storage: :Stored in a cool, dry and dark place. Once opened it,stored at 4 ℃ or less cold sealing preservation.


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