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Collagen and Peptide

Pea Protein Peptide

Pea Protein Peptide

1.Pea peptides contain eight amino acids that the human body cannot synthesize on its own.
2.The good efficacy and function of polypeptide make pea polypeptide widely used in food and health products.
4.Pea peptide has high water retention, oil absorption and good gelatinization.
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Product Name : Pea Protein Peptide

Organizational form : Uniform powder, soft, no caking

Appearance:light yellow or yellow powder

Taste and smell : With this product unique taste and smell, no smell




pea protein peptide



Physical and chemical index  

pea peptide




Pea Peptide




1. Have high water retention, oil absorption and good gelatinization and excellent emulsifying property and emulsifying stability

2. Pea peptide has certain foaming property and foam stability

3. Pea peptide used in cosmetics can inhibit elastase, protecting elastin, improve skin elasticity and skin firmness, stimulate collagen, elastin and glucose amino glucan synthesis (chondroitin sulfate).




1. Pea protein peptide is used in food and health care products.

2. It is used in cosmetics.




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