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Based benefits of wheat grass powder

Jan 03, 2019

Based benefits of wheat grass powder

The organic wheat grass powder is an emerald green powder which is obtained by microwave drying and low-temperature airflow of wheat leaves. The wheat grass powder is rich in various nutrients such as plant protein, chlorophyll, antioxidant enzymes and dietary fiber. In addition, It containes biologicalwheat grass powder active substances such as superoxide dismutase (SOD) ,which have positive effects on human immunity, such as anti-aging, anti-fatigue and microcirculation. Medical research shows that it has anti-cancer and liver protection. Enhance cell health, hypoglycemic and other health effects.

Organic wheat grass powder is rich in chlorophyll, which is very similar to the structure of hemoglobin in human blood. The only difference is that it can effectively eliminate the harm of chemicals such as artificial preservatives in food.It has strong anti-inflammatory, detoxification and detoxification,cancer and other effects,which can remove body waste. Chlorophyll contains a lot of minerals and alkaline substances to help the body regulate the acid-base balance in the body. Therefore, wheat seedling powder contributes to the action of heme, promotes metabolism in the body and eliminates cellular waste.