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Brown rice is not simple

Jan 29, 2019

Brown rice is not simple

Recently, a study published in the journal BMC Supplementary and Alternative Medicine found that brown rice has important function of improving cognitive health and preventing Alzheimer's

brown rice protein powder

disease.In addition to helping to improve cognitive function, brown rice has many other nutritional benefits: organic brown rice protein powder is rich in selenium, which helps prevent the development of common diseases such as arthritis, heart disease and cancer;The high fiber content of brown rice protein powder helps prevent colon cancer. These fibers adhere to substances that cause cancer and remove them from the body;The high fiber content of brown rice protein benefits can help digestion and enhances fullness, which helps weight management;Also based on high fiber content, It helps the healing of sensitive digestive systems and inhibits the growth of excessive microorganisms;Brown rice protein powder helps prevent the accumulation of arterial plaques, reduces the risk of heart disease and high cholesterol.It is rich in antioxidants: the antioxidant properties of brown rice help eliminate potentially harmful oxidants in the body compared to polished rice.

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