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Brown rice protein is better for your health

Dec 06, 2018

Brown rice protein is better for your health

The brown rice protein benefits is great. Since brown rice retains all the nutrients in the outer layer, the nutritional value is much higher than that of ordinary whole wheat and rice. It can play a good role in health care and maintenance for the human body. Eating brown rice is good for health.

Compared with whole wheat, the protein content of brown rice is not much, but the protein 

organic brown rice proteinquality is better, mainly rice sperm protein. The composition of amino acid is relatively complete, the human body is easy to digest and absorb .the content of lysine is less, and organic brown rice protein contains more fat ,which can provide a lot of heat to the body in a short time.

The rice bran and germ part of brown rice protein powder nurition are rich in vitamin B and vitamin E, which can improve the immune function of the human body and help to prevent cardiovascular diseases and anemia. It also retains a large amount of dietary fiber, which promotes the proliferation of beneficial bacteria in the intestines and accelerates intestinal peristalsis.