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Health benefits of chaga mushroom extract

Mar 04, 2019

Health benefits of chaga mushroom extract 

Chaga mushroom is also known as Inonotus obliquus, which is a very precious medicinal fungus. The fungus is very active and can continuously absorb nutrients from birch trees. It is for this reason that chaga is regarded as a magical gift from God to mankind by medical circles, and is known as "forest diamond". The main active component of chaga extract is polysaccharide, which has many effects on human body.

There are one kind of glycoprotein and one kind of water-soluble polysaccharide in the chaga mushroomsclerotium of it,both of which have significant hypoglycemic effect.Especially the extract of betula trichum polysaccharide, which could maintain the hypoglycemic effect for 48h.Chaga extract powder has a strong anti-tumor effect and has obvious inhibitory effect on a variety of tumor cells.It can prevent cancer cells from metastasis and recurrence. Chaga extract powder is used in combination with radiotherapy and chemotherapy for patients with malignant tumors to enhance the patient's tolerance and reduce toxic and side effects.

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