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Interpret Organic Goji Berry Extract

Oct 19, 2018

Interpret Organic Goji Berry Extract

Goji is a valuable traditional Chinese medicine with rich nutrients and high pharmaceutical value. It contains not only iron, phosphorus, calcium, etc., but also a lot of sugar, fat, protein and amino acids, polysaccharide pigments, vitamins, sterols, and cesium. Etc., there are functions of moistening the lungs, clearing the liver, nourishing the kidney, benefiting the Qi, spermatogenic, helping the yang, hurricane, eyesight, and strong bones. It also contains polysaccharides that have a good health care effect on the human body and organic warts that are beneficial to the development of human intelligence. With the development of The Times, goji berries started from medicine gradually become People's Daily life of health products.


Organic Goji Berry Extract can enhance immunity and immune regulation function, and has obvious effect of promoting hemopoietic function and anti-aging effect. Therefore, organic Goji berry extract has been widely used in various fields, including medical and health care products, health nutrition products, baby food, solid beverage, baked food, leisure food and so on. 


Organic Goji Berry Extract