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Necessary Standard For Growing Organic Vegetables

Oct 09, 2018

How to plant organic vegetables and fruits ,we must comply to the belows;

  1.Make sure the pesticide residues and Non-organic fertilizer free,  it's only allowed to control pest diseases through physical way ,use organic fertilizer which is from the faeces of cows,sheep or crop stalks, Stay away from the farmland,growing naturally, complies to the ''The United Nations trade development federation (UNCTAD) website provides a detailed comparison of U.S. NOP with eu regulations 834/07 and European regulations 889/08."

  2.The Nitrate contents in eating vegetables is controlled below the standard allowable amount.make sure the organic vegetables(Organic Kale Powder) grows in an excellent natural environment with a long-time and rich sunshine or fresh air .then, try to collect them in the afternoon.a high quality need full photosynthetic. 

  3.Keeping far from the waste water, waste gas, waste residue  that mean Organic vegetables(Organic Beet Root Powder,Red Beet)must be grown away from industrial areas.Managing the organic planting base with scientific  method.


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