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Non dairy creamer and coffee mate

Nov 14, 2018

Non dairy creamer and coffee mate

Non Dairy Creamer is also known as milk powder, which is a new type of vegetable oil or hydrogenated vegetable oil, casein, and other raw materials. It has special function in food

Non-Dairy Creamer

production and processing and is also a kind of modern food. The fat content of non dairy creamer can be adjusted at will, its range between 10% and 50%, fat variety can also be selected at will according to needs.Non dairy creamer powder has excellent functional properties, which can meet the processing needs of different food fields. Particular used in coffee mate and tea.

In addition, it has the following characteristics: 

  1. Non dairy creamer ingredients can improve the internal structure of food and enhance flavor and fat, making the taste delicate and smooth . Therefore, it is also a good partner of coffee .Non dairy creamer can be used in instant cereal, cakes, biscuits, etc., to make cakes delicate and elastic.Biscuits enhance crispness and are not easy to remove oil.2.

  2. The trans fatty acids contained in non dairy creamer ingredients  can increase the low density lipoprotein in human blood, decrease the risk of the high density lipoprotein .

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