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Our Company Has Developed The New Organic Soapberry Extract Powder

Oct 16, 2018

Our Company Has Developed The New Organic Soapberry Extract Powder

The soapberry plant 's skins contain saponin, which will produce foam when rubbed with water and can be used for cleaning.Therefore, organic soapberry extract is widely used in People's Daily life. However, apart from this purpose, there are many functions of it.

Organic Soapberry can be used as medicine and has a very good effect on treating diseases such as tooth pain, indigestion and cough,also can clearing heat and removing toxic materials.

The fruit skin of soapberry tree contains triterpene saponins such as saponins, organic soapberry extract can be used in daily washing: tableware cleaning, beauty treatment, shampoo and skin care. soapberry plant ,free from disease, Organic Soapberry Extract Powder is obtained by artificial drying and peeling.It can be directly used to extract the active ingredient - saponins. This kind of natural plant cleaning products has been very popular in Japan, Taiwan, Korea, the United States and other European countries.They are fond of wrapping the seedless skin in cotton woven bags without any processing, and rubbing it with water to make it foam, which is directly used for washing clothes, washing hair and body.


Organic Soapberry Extract Powder contains many beneficial substances, such as protein, vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin B and histidine more than 10 rich amino acids .

Organic Soapberry Extract 's PH between 5 and 7 ,which is a naturally acidic and will not only not harm human skin, but also accelerate skin renewal and improve skin quality.Another important feature is that it doesn't pollute.

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