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Soy milk powder and health

Nov 13, 2018

Soy milk powder and health

NON-GMO soy milk powder is made by sterilization, concentration, spray and drying of soybean milk. It is a kind of plant protein food with high nutritional value.The food is ready to drink after being washed in hot water. Soybean powder has the natural color, aroma, taste of soy, especially it does not contain cholesterol and will not cause the deposition of cholesterol, Soybean powder benefits contains the unsaturated fatty acid has the effect of preventing the deposition of cholesterol.Therefore, it is well received by the masses.

NON-GON Soy Milk Powder content is up to 40%, which is the high quality protein, It contains the essential amino acid of human body, among which the lysine content is the high dry grain, It is the most reasonable among the plant food and is closest to the human body required proportion.Methionine in soy protein is better for human digestion and absorption. Eating soybean powder daily to prevent cardiovascular disease.

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