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The blueberry fruit powder of nurition facts

Nov 29, 2018

The blueberry fruit powder of nurition facts

Blueberries are small in size ,but it has high in anthocyanins.In addition, blueberry fruit powder contains rich nutrients, it not only has good nutrition and health care, but also has the function of preventing brain nerve aging, strengthening the heart, anti-cancer softening blood vessels, and enhancing human immunity.It also are known as the "queen of fruit" and the "fruit of the eye of beauty."This is because blueberry juice powder contains VMA which has a good health care effect on the eyes, It can reduce eye fatigue,improve night vision and prevent eyeball fatigue ; The pectin content of blueberry is very high, which can effectively reduce cholesterol, prevent atherosclerosis and promote cardiovascular health; Blueberry fruit nurition facts are rich in vitamin C, which can enhance heart function, prevent cancer and heart disease .It also can prevent brain nerve aging and improve brain power.In addition ,blueberry powder also improves colds, sore throats and diarrhea.

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