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The Luohanguo extract power benefits

Nov 07, 2018

The Luohanguo extract power benefits

Luohanguo is one of the first approved food and drug ingredients, with the main effect of relieving cough and reducing sputum .It has high nutritional value, rich in vitamin C (400 mg ~ 500 mg per 100g of fresh fruit) and glucoside, fructose, glucose, protein, lipid, etc. The fruits and leaves of it all contain triterpenoid saponins, Luohanguo extract powder also have a large number of fructose, more than 10 kinds of human essential amino acids, fatty acids, flavonoids, vitamin C, trace elements and so on.

The sweet glycoside of the Luohanguo extract powder is 300 times sweeter than sucrose,which does not generate heat. It is a valuable raw material in beverage and candy industry with the best substitute for sucrose.In addition ,It has the function of lowering blood sugar and can be used as an assistant to treat diabetes.Luohanguo powder benefits rich in vitamin C, anti-aging, anti-cancer and skin benefits beauty role;Have the effect of reducing blood fat and reducing weight.

Our company can provide compound services . Luohanguo Extract Powder is mixed with stevia, erythritol, sucralose and inulin to increase product diversity .

Luohanguo Extract Powder