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Trehalose in food

Nov 08, 2018

Trehalose in food

Trehalose is white crystal and slightly sweet.The solubility and melting point of trehalose are related to the presence of crystal water. The sweetness of trehalose aqueous solution is about 40-45% of that of sucrose, but the sweetness of trehalose lasts longer than that of sucrose.There are two forms of existence,containing anhydrous and dihydrous trehalose .The European Union has also approved trehalose as a new resource food.

Currently, Trehalose in food is mainly used as stabilizer and moisturizer in various foods.The trehalose synthase of it is very useful to human body.Trehalose breaks down into Trehaloseglucose,which reacts more smoothly than other sugars, this unique personality combined with low caries and no clear effects makes trehalose a perfect drink recipe for energy and relief from fatigue and stress.In combination with most other sweeteners, trehalose can be used in candies, fruit juice drinks and herbal products.It also widely used in trehalose cosmetics.