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Why do you use rice protein?

Feb 25, 2019

Why do you use rice protein?

Safety issues in the production and processing of animal proteins have attracted widespread attention. Plant proteins are superior to animal proteins in food safety. Plant-derived proteins have become the focus of more and more health-care people. Rice protein, one of the plant-derived proteins, has received extensive attention at home and abroad due to its high nutritional value and low antigenicity. What is the popularity of rice protein?

Rice Protein

The low antigenicity of rice protein is an important feature,which is different from other plant proteins.Anti-nutritional factors may cause an allergic reaction to the human body, and newborns are extremely sensitive to it. Rice protein does not contain similar sensitizing factors and is safe and reliable. Therefore, rice is the only grain that is immune to allergy experiments.Rice protein is rich in essential amino acids in the body, especially lysine content is higher than other cereals.So it is widely used in the development of high protein hypoallergenic infant formula rice noodles because of its low antigenicity and high nutrient.

In addition,a new type of peptide is extracted from the protein contained in rice, rice gelatin. The polypeptide substance can effectively inhibit the skin aging phenomenon common to the elderly in the skin such as wrinkles and sagging of the skin.

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