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Organic Apple Juice Concentrate

Organic Apple Juice Concentrate

1.Apple is a low calorie food, both beauty and lose weight.
2.Rich in sugars, protein, fat, phosphorus, iron, potassium and other substances; also contains malic acid, vitamin B, vitamin C and trace elements,reduce intestinal pressure.
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euroleaf-logo.jpgusda_4c_logo.jpgThe Organic Apple Juice Concentrate supplied by Nutraonly is made from top quality fresh apple fruit growing in China mainland. Our Organic Apple Juice Concentrate does not contain maltodextrin or additives, 100% pure, safe, and effective products.

We select, remove the seeds of apple, squeeze,  concentrate and pack the finished Organic Apple Juice complies with organic requirements. No artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, or other processing agents are used in the manufacturing process.


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Product Name : Organic Apple Juice Concentrate.

Origin Of Plant : Malus pumila.

Appearance:Brown yellow Pellucid and ropy liquid.



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1.  Promote cholesterol metabolism, lower cholesterol levels, promote fat excretion.

2.  Potassium element dilate blood vessel, advantageous to hypertensive patient

3.  Vitamin C in apples is a protective element of the cardiovascular system and a healthy element of heart disease.




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