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Organic Pear Juice Concentrate

Organic Pear Juice Concentrate

2.Be made from fresh, ripe and non-transgenic pears.
3.Not contain any additives or preservatives.
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euroleaf-logo.jpgusda_4c_logo.jpgOrganic pear juice concentrate is in 70° Brix which appears clear golden yellow and tastes sweet, the juice concentrate got its unique flavor and nutrition components of natural pear when diluted to 11.5° brix. The juice shall not contain any additives or preservatives.



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Product Name : Organic Pear Juice Concentrate.

Origin Of Plant : Pyrus spp.

Appearance:light yellow Pellucid liquid.



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1. Pears can calm the heat.

2. Pears can restore blood pressure to normal, improve dizziness, dry throat and other symptoms.

3. Pears have more sugar and vitamins, which are easy to be absorbed by the body and enhance appetite.

4. Pears can prevent atherosclerosis and inhibit the formation of nitrosamines, thereby preventing cancer and cancer.




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