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Organic Sea Buckthron Juice Concentrate

Organic Sea Buckthron Juice Concentrate

1.The nutrients in the seabuckthorn juice are abnormally rich,including flavonoids,organic acids,itamin C, E, B1, B2, a variety of trace elements,18 kinds of human needed amino acids and so on 100 A variety of bioactive substances.
2.The content of vitamin C is the first of all fruits and vegetables, 3 times of kiwi fruit, and "king of vitamin C".
3.Promoting blood circulation, strengthening stomach, promoting fluid production and quench thirst and a good effect on children's intelligence development and body growth.
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Product Name : Organic Seabuckthorn Juice Concentrate.

Origin Of Plant : Hippophae rhamnoides.

Part Used  :  Fruit.

Appearance:Yellow brown viscous liquids.



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1. Sea buckthorn juice is a powerhouse of vitamin c

2. Sea buckthorn berries are packed with carotenoids

3. Blood sugar control

4. Positive effects on cardiovascular health



1. Storage : Stored in a cool and dry place,avoid direct sun light.

2. Bulk Package : 200kgs/Steel drum.

3. Lead time : 7 days after your order.

4. Shele life : 24 months.

5. Remark : Customized specification also can be achieved.


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