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Organic Fruit and Vegetable Powder

Organic Alfalfa Powder,Juice Powder

Organic Alfalfa Powder,Juice Powder

1.The leaves of the alfalfa plant are rich in minerals and nutrients, including calcium, magnesium, potassium, and carotene (useful against both heart disease and cancer).
2.Rich in protein, vitamins E and K. Alfalfa extract is used by food makers as a source of chlorophyll and carotene.
3.Rich in dietary fiber, and has very few carbohydrates and very low calorie. It is a good high fiber and low calorie food.
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The Pure Alfalfa Grass Powder supplied by Nutraonly is made from the top quality whole alfalfa grass growing in China mainland. We produce the Pure Alfalfa Powder by grinding dried alfalfa grass to a finely fine powder that best preserves its nutrition and flavor. 



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1. Preventing some of the damage from 

diabetes and blood sugar levels, because of its Antioxidant and Phyto-nutrient content.

2. Treat anemia by helping build iron levels in blood due to its iron content.

3. Treat bladder disorders.

4. Lower unhealthy cholesterol leves.

5. Prevent prostate problems.

6. Prevent arthritis problems.

7. Help rebuild tooth decay and strengthen tooth enamel.

8. A good infection fighter and may help cleanse the body of toxins.



Application Range

Diet Fiber Supplements,Sports Nutritions,

Nutritions Additive,Dairy Milk

Functional Foods ,Functional Drinking

Baked Goods,Snack Foods,Pet Foods 

Health & Personal Care




1. Storage : stored in cool & dry place.

2. Bulk Package : 10kg/bag,2bags/carton.

3. Lead time : 7days after your order.

4. Shele life : 2 years ;

5. Remark : Customized specification also can be achieved.


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