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Chrysanthemum Buds Dying,best Organic Chrysanthemum Tea

Chrysanthemum Buds Dying,best Organic Chrysanthemum Tea

1.Chrysanthemum buds dying from the first shoot of the chrysanthemum bud tea,carefully steamed and baked.
2.Has a unique taste. It is quite precious because of its scarcity. In addition, it is smaller than the fetal chrysanthemum, and there is no open chrysanthemum flower bud after processing.
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1.Hand Collecting from the our organic planting base .

2.Contains a variety of trace elements and active ingredients.

3.Have sufficient stock,Advanced storage equipment, kept at 0-10 degrees storage environment all year round.

4. Quantitative picking,keep in normal condition,High temperature drying under 45-50℃.


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Product Details

Chrysanthemum Buds Dying




Chrysanthemum main be made of volatile oil, flavonoids, Amino acids and other trace elements are often used as diseases for the treatment of certain patients, and their main effects include dispelling wind and clearing heat and improving liver and eyesight.



The following groups use carefully

1 .Physical deficiency, spleen deficiency, stomach cold disease, easy to use diarrhea,allergies .

2 .Pregnant women .



Shipment Details


2.Prepared time:8-10days after your order.

3.Shelf time:24months .

4.Storage: 24months be in cold condition .

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