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Fava Bean Protein

Fava Bean Protein

1.Protein:>90% ,100mesh,200mesh,300mesh,500mesh,600mesh.
3.The protein in it is also complete protein , The physiology value of fava bean protein is a bit lower than soybean, but carbohydrate content is higher .
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Fava bean contains protein, a few adipose and a lot of carbohydrate .Faba bean protein isolate contain vitamin B in addition, reach vitamin B2.The protein in it is also complete protein , The physiology value of  fava bean protein is a bit lower than soybean, but carbohydrate content is higher .It also is the main source of heat energy accordingly.

fava bean



Product Details


Appearance:offwhite fine powder  

Particular size:300mesh/500mesh


Moisture (%) <10%         

ASH (%)<5%              

Gluten&Soy allergen free


Pesticide Residue:ND

TPC (CFU/GM)<1000 cfu/g                    

Mould&Yeast< 50cfu/g   




Heavy Metal






Nutrition Line/Nutrition Value



TOTAL SUGERS(g/100g):  9

CALORIES(Kcal/100g): 88

DIETARY FIBER(g/100g):  8

CALORIES(KJ/100g): 368

MOISTURE(g/100g):  4.8

ASH(g/100g): 2.2

TOTAL FAT(g/100g): 0.7

TRACE MINERALS(mg/100g)Sodium 46.6


Amino Acid Breakdown

Aspartic acid 6.87

Glutamic acid 14.78

Alanine 4.56

Arginine 5.91

Clycine 3.25

Histidine 1.74

Isoleucine 3.23

Cystine 1.82

Lysine 2.74

Valine 4.89

Phenylalanine 4.29

Proline 3.54

Serine 4.90

Threonine 3.23

Leucine 6.73

Ornithine 0.02


Amazing Main Funcations 

1.Fava bean proptein powder contains the important component calcium, zinc, manganese, phospholipid that regulates cerebrum and nerve tissue, It contain rich choline, which have the healthy brain action that strengthens memory.For brain workers, It is a great source of nutrients that help keep our brains healthy.

2.The protein content in broad bean is very rich, and these protein do not contain cholesterol .In addition ,the crude fiber in fava bean skin also has the effect that reduces cholesterol after entering human body, fava bean protein powder also can promote gastric peristalsis at the same time, help digest.


fava bean powder1


Shipment Details

1.Bulk Package:20kg/bag,500kg or 600kg per pallet ;

2.Loading capacity: 20Pallets for 1*20FCL container ,that means it be fulled with 10tons or 12tons

                                40pallets for 1*40FCL container,that means it be fulled with 20tons or 24tons

3.Lead time:7-10days after your order;

4.Shelf time:24months and this ingrenditens will arrive with 92% of shelf life reminding.


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