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Organic Hemp Protein for Building Musle

Organic Hemp Protein for Building Musle

1.Cold processed or sub-critical fluid extraction from hulled hemp seed,.
2.30%,40%,50%,60%,70%,80%,90% Protein contained
3.NOP Organic, KOSHER,HALAL,ISO2000 Certified factory.
4.NON-GMO,Pesticide Residual,Gluten,Allergen Free,Low THC.
5.More than 8.0% dietary fiber,the best amino acid composed and proper nutrition for health
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Product Description

The organic raw hemp protein powder is a high-fiber protein supplement that can be used to enhance total protein intake for vegans and non-vegans alike,the good hemp protein is an amazing new drinks for bodybuilding,musle building ,weightloss and health cate ,the best hemp protein powder contains all the amino acids, including eight essential amino acids. Unlike any other plant or whey based protein, hemp is a natural source of essential fatty acids, the hemp protein product be think of one of nature's perfect superfoods.


Amazing Main Funcations

1.The organic hemp protein powder is a complete vegan plant base protein and made from raw seeds.

2.The best hemp protein always chemical free

3.Organic hemp protein powder may help improve your digestive function,If you suffer from bloating, gas or irregularity,

4.Natural Weight Loss

5.The best form of hemp protein is organic, cold milled, hexane-free hemp protein.


Product Details


Appearance:light gree to white powder

Particular size:80mesh-100mesh


Moisture (%) <10

ASH (%)<10

Gluten&Soy allergen free


Pesticide Residue:ND

TPC (CFU/GM)<1000 cfu/g

Mould&Yeast< 50cfu/g




Heavy Metal






Nutrition Line/Nutrition Value

PROTEIN(DRY BASISI) g/100g: 60.6


TOTAL SUGERS(g/100g): 4.5

CALORIES(Kcal/100g): 359

DIETARY FIBER(g/100g): 8.0

CALORIES FROM FAT(Kcal/100g): 84

CHOLESTEROL(g/100g): 0

UNSATURATED FAT(g/100g): 1.16

THANS FATTY(g/100g): 0.02

MOISTURE(g/100g) 4.6

POTASSIUM(mg/100g): 2510

ASH(g/100g): 8.9

CALCIUM(mg/100g) : 115.9

Iron (mg/100g)Sodium 20.8


Amino Acid Breakdown

Total Amino 58.22

Aspartic acid 5.67

Alanine 2.47

Arginine 7.93

Cycine 2.04

Histidine 1.7

Isoleucine 2.45

Cystine 2.04

Lysine 2.09

Valine 2.96

Phenylalanine 2.7

Proline 2.24

Threonine 1.98

Tyrosine 2.08

Glycine 2.49

Glutamic acid 10.45

Serine 2.83

Threonine 1.98

Leucine 3.91

Ornithine 0.06


Flow Chart

hemp protein.png



Shipment Details

Bulk Package

10kg/bag,500kg or 600kg per pallet

Loading capacity

10Pallets for 1*20FCL container ,that means it be fulled with 6tons

20pallets for 1*40FCL container,that means it be fulled with 12tons

Lead time

10days after your order

Shelf time

18months and this ingrenditens will arrive with 80% of shelf life remind


Cool,dry and ventilate


Sample & Certification Support

1.Testing Report,Organic certification,COA

Best organic hemp protein.jpg

2.Standard packaging

3.Convenient DHL ,UPS and FEDEX service.

4.Less than 200g sample for free








Shipment and Package

organic hemp protein powder bulk.pnghemp protein.png

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