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Organic Rice Milk Powder

Organic Rice Milk Powder

1.NOP Organic,Vegan,Allergen Free,NON-GMO,BRC,KOSHER,HALAL,ISO22000.
2.Strict 100% milk-free diet.
3.Complementary food ,which be rich in dietary fiber,Vitamin B,Vitamin E.
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China is a big rice producer and has abundant rice resources. In recent years, through in depth study of rice protein powder, people have found that rice protein can compensate for the defects of animal protein ,it also can prevent excessive intake of animal fat and cholesterol.Rice protein powder industry has widely used in food industry .Strict 100% milk-free diet. lactose intolerant,Nutrition meal,Nutritions Additive,infant or Baby's complementary food. ,Almased food.

             Organic Rice milk powderRoasted Rice powder


PRODUCT NAME:Organic Brown Rice Milk Powder

LATIN NAME:Oryza sativa






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Physical / Chemical

Organic Rice Milk Powder


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Organic Rice Milk Powder



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Organic Rice Milk Powder


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  1. Rice protein powder benefits refers to the protein extracted from rice by milling, purification and drying.As a kind of protein with good nutrition, it has a function close to casein protein, the composition of amino acids is more reasonable.  

  2. Natures choice rice milk powder contains more lysine than other grains. As a low-allergic protein, it does not contain any anti-nutrition factors, so it is more suitable for sensitive people.It also has a broad prospect of developing into baby food and high-end food.


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Organic Rice Milk Powder


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