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Organic Chlorella Powder Fresh Water, Rich in Chlorophyll

Organic Chlorella Powder Fresh Water, Rich in Chlorophyll

2. Organic chlorella powder is a weakly alkaline food, rich in a balanced variety of nutrients and protein.
3. Vitamins A,B,C,D,E,trace elements, minerals,folic acid,chlorophyll,lipids,polysaccharides,dietary fiber and precious bioactive substances.
4. Our organic chlorella powder is produced from the good ecological environment inland .
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Product Description

Our Organic Chlorella Powder is grown in a freshwater,It is a kind of high-quality green nutrition source food. Its main nutrient composition is even better than some of the main foods. It has the advantages of high protein, low fat, low sugar, low calorie, vitamin and mineral content, and has some advantages. Special health care features. Therefore, Chlorella is a source of high-quality health foods such as food additives and health foods.Our chlorella powder or capsules 100% organic,vegan,kosher,halal,HACCP certified


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1.  Assist in changing acidic body and maintaining weak alkaline physique;

2.  Assisting clear blood and nourishing blood, removing toxins and heavy metals from the body;

3.  Assisted activation of cells, repair of damaged genes, and longevity;

4.  Assist epithelial cell metabolism and light and delicate skin;

5.  Assisting in reducing "three highs" and improving the elderly's cardiovascular and cerebrovascular activities;

6.  Assisted anti-tumor, radiation and pathogenic microorganisms;

7.  Promote the elimination of fatigue, enhance physical strength, and help activate brain cells

Testing Report


Appearance:bright green fine powderTaste& Odor : Characteristic salty seafood odour
Protein(%)>57.62%ASH(%) < 5
Moisture (%) <7%Particular size : 100mesh
TPC (CFU/GM)<10000 cfu/gMould&Yeast< 50cfu/g
Salmonella : NegativeListeria : Negative







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