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Organic Corn Starch

Organic Corn Starch

1.NON-GMO,NOP Organic,Kosher,Halal Certifited.
2.The best organic corn ,Because it's growing in Qinghai,Gansu Provice.
3.Rich in vitamin B2 and trace elements.
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Organic corn starch is mainly organized by the washing, grinding, screening, protein separation, cleaning, dehydration and drying of raw materials.

Product Name : Organic Corn Starch.

Latin name : Zea mays L

Appearance:Snow White Fine powder.

Molecular Formula:C6H10O5)n - (H2O)


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Food Application

1.Meat Products: Organic maize starch can improve texture and mouthfeel for high yield pork hams, poultry rolls and hams, patés, and vegetarian products

2.Canned products: stable in process conditions for sausages and other processed meats

3.Soups/sauces:  Corn starch gives pulpy texture as thickener in instant soups and high viscosity dressings

4.Bakery Products:  stable in process conditions for baked snacks, breakfast cereals, fruit fillings

5.Dairy Products:  Organic maize starch is used in superior gelling fit for chocolate mousse and custard cream





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