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Organic Pea Starch

Organic Pea Starch

2. Using the most advanced close loop flowing technologh to product.
3. Whiteness, good brightness, strong elasticity, high toughness and high viscosity.
4. 60mesh,70mesh,80mesh,100mesh....
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Product Name : Organic Pea Starch.

Origin Of Plant : Pisum sativum L.

Appearance:Snow White Fine powder.

Molecular Formula:C6H10O5)n - (H2O)



Constitutional Formula



Testing Report


Taste & Odor :  Characteristic

Whiteness: > 94%

Fineness : >98%

Moisture : <15%

Ash (%) : <5.0

PH (% in water) : 3.5-6.0

Fat : <1.0%

Particle size : 60-80mesh

Melamine : Not detected

pesticide residue : Not detected

Heavy Metal


As<.0.2 mg/kg

Cd<0.2 mg/kg

Hg<0.2 mg/kg

Pesticide Residue : 198 items scanned by SGS or EUROFINS, Complies with NOP & EU organic standard



Tpc (Cfu/Gm) : < 10000 cfu/g

Mould & Yeast : < 100 cfu/g

Enterobacteracae : < 10PPM

Coliforms : < 10PPM

Pathogenic Bacteria :    Negative

Staphylococcus :    Negative

Salmonella :   Negative

Listeria Monocytogenes : Negative

Aflatoxin (B1+B2+G1+G2) < 10ppb  

Bap  < 10ppb


Food Application

1.Meat Products:  improving texture and mouthfeel for high yield pork hams, poultry rolls and hams, pat&eacute;s, and vegetarian products

2.Canned products: stable in process conditions for sausages and other processed meats

3.Soups/sauces:  gives pulpy texture as thickener in instant soups and high viscosity dressings

4..Bakery Products:  stable in process conditions for baked snacks, breakfast cereals, fruit fillings

5.Dairy Products:  superior gelling fit for chocolate mousse and custard cream



1. Storage :  Cool, Ventilate & Dry.

2. Bulk Package :20kg/bag.

3. Lead time : 7days after your order.

4. Shele life : 24months

5. Remark : Customized specification also can be achieved.


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