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Lotus Leaf Extract

Lotus Leaf Extract

1.Lotus leaf extract nuciferine have a diuretic laxative, pass intestinal drugs, lipid-lowering oil, qingshu antipyretic effects.
2.Lotus leaf extract can significantly reduce serum cholesterol levels of glycerol and glycerol, and plays a role in regulating blood lipid health.
3.Lotus leaf extract was also highly regarded as a weight loss cure as the plant is a diuretic.
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Product Name:Lotus Leaf Extract.

Latin Name:Nelumbo Nucifera Gaertn.

Specification:Neciferine 2%/5% HPLC.

Part Used:Leaf.

Appearance:Clean, Brown Fine Powder.

CAS Number:475-83-2.

Molecular Formula:C19H21NO2.

Constitutional Formula:



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Lotus Leaf Extract



1. Using as a safe way for lossing weight.

2. Clearing summer-heat, blood cooling.

3. Diuretic laxative, eliminate intestinal tract toxins.

4. Lowering serum triglyceride and cholesterol levels, regulate blood lipids.




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