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White Kidney Bean Extract

White Kidney Bean Extract

1.White kidney bean extract acts as a starch blocker to block alpha-amylase enzyme,Now the white kidney bean extract phaseolamin is an important ingredient for weight loss.
2.It has function of protecting spleen and kidney.
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Product Name:White Kidney Bean Extract.

Latin Name:Phaseolus Vulgaris L.

Part Used:Seed.

Specification:Phaseolin 1%/2% test by HPLC.

Appearance:Clean, Light Yellow Fine Powder.

CAS Number:13401-40-6.

Molecular Formula:C20H18O4.

Constitutional Formula:



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White Kidney Bean Extract




1. White kidney bean extract can effectively inhibit starch decomposition, which used in weight loss.

2. Promoting the ordered split of white blood cell in mammals.

3. White kidney bean extract has function of protecting spleen and kidney.




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